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SEO Workshops – Somerset Small Business Website Marketing

Learn How To Improve Your Google Presence
Call 07786 391875 to reserve (Limited to 10 places)

Business Workshops for employees of 5 to max 10 people.
Weston super Mare

The classes are strictly limited to 10 attendees to ensure a personal atmosphere, where individual attention can be given to everyone at some point. Bringing along a laptop rather than a tablet is strongly recommended. Handouts and speaker slides will be provided, together with a personal charging point at every seat – we don’t want you running out of juice!

Morning Session (9:00 – 12:30)

  • Working together to agree your top 3 keywords / keyphrases, plus a company description
  • Learn how many characters to use and how to maximise to the best potential
  • Google Analytics training using your data, or installation of Google Analytics if not in place
  • Website under 6 months or planning to build a website and need an SEO checklist in advance
  • Website is a number of years old but needs updating, and you need guidance
  • Not yet on Google Places and want 100% profile on the map
  • Tuition on Headlines for your homepage and landing pages H1 and H2 best practice

We start with the basics, a quick run through Google Analytics to familiarise yourself with terminology, basic reporting, gathering visitor data, adding your social media URLs and excluding traffic from your ISP to only leave visitor data. Additionally, a tutorial on how to use Google Webmaster Tools and to get yourself on Google Places as a verified business.

Focussing on your home page, learn how to create a CTA (Call To Action) why saying “Welcome to [my website]” would be best changed, how to write enticing copy with headlines and subheaders in a clear fashion. Discover that Google ignores meta tags but why they still should be in place.

There’s other Search Engines apart from Google that you should verify and prove ownership of your site, a list will be provided. Q&A encouraged throughout the session on an ad-hoc basis, I encourage interruption to answer specific queries. This is a steady paced lesson, hands on and interactive as you work on your laptop as we progress.

Lunch Break (12:30 – 13.15)

This is the opportunity to grab a bite to eat from nearby cafes. On the day, deals and vouchers will be made available from local eateries who know you are here for the conference and have agreed a special deal for cut price food.

Afternoon Session (13:30 – 16:30)

  • A crash course in linkbuilding targeting your keywords and company description
  • Need to learn about other Google products like YouTube and Google+
  • Cast your net and fish for new customers out there in the Social Media waters
  • Create and / or optimise your Twitter, YouTube and Google+ profiles forever

You will conduct competitor research in Google and notice who they are, and see where they compare in Google rankings. Improve your Google position and increase your brand awareness with online profiles and linkbuilding.

Learn how to interact using simple Social Media tools on your smartphone or laptop to engage with locals online who are not aware of you. Dip your toe in the Twitter pool of potential customers, optimise your Google+ channel and hear about hastags. Download free tools to create a simple slideshow video in 5 minutes and upload to YouTube.

General Question and Answer Session 16:30 – 17:00

If you need to leave we won’t judge you – There will be a 30 minute general Q&A session at the end of the workshop to ask questions about the day’s content. Feedback forms are collected at the end of the session.


Weston super Mare2017 / 2018 Bespoke SEO courses in-house at your premises

1weekSEO offers a different package bespoke training in-house at your place of work anywhere in the South West or locations around the UK and Wales. A personalised package is ideal for for SME’s to DIY SEO, usually of 1 or 2 attendees, perfect for business owners or family owned businesses.