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Simple and Effective Website Design

My name is Nina Greaves and I have been building simple websites for a number of years. If you are a local company in Weston-super-Mare we can meet for a coffee and find out what you need from your website. New websites are built to order in just 14 days.

Google Loves Websites of 10 Pages or More

I offer a simple 10-page WordPress website for £350 which includes:

  • Home page, 8 product or services landing pages, and a Contact page with a Google Map location and contact form
  • Budget banner for the website using your images and or logo.
  • Your own login and personal training how to add text and pictures to your website is included
  • FREE: Validation with Google, together with your own YouTube channel and Blog
  • Blog setup – you provide to me the content for your first post

Larger websites with more pages and professional graphic design for banners and a logo from my preferred supplier are available. Not included: Hosting (from £70 for 12 months) / website address domain registration (from £6)

Excludes SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a way of marketing your website in Google and Bing / Yahoo. Many local business do not require this service, however in industries where your competitors are already established with websites in Google, there is a huge advantage in using SEO techniques to promote your website to the top of search results.

Screenshots of websites that I have built are below in this video:

Your effective website will attract business leads and increase sales, following a few tips your website design can be an effective tool in the growth of your business.

1. Keep it as simple as possible

Visitors to your site should be able to follow the content and understand the purpose of your site very quickly. Remember that sometimes less is more.

2. Decide on a basic colour scheme

Limit the amount of colors used when designing your website. A clean two-colour style helps to give your site a professional look.

If you have a logo, it’s best to stick to its colour scheme throughout the site to provide an overall appealing look to first-time visitors.

3. Menu – a simple navigation system

Most good looking websites display their navigation systems on the left hand side or at the top of the website. If your site has more than 15 pages then a sitemap is vital to facilitate ease of web page navigation and also to assist SEO Search Engine Optimisation.

4. Use high quality photos, images and videos

Less is more. Special effects can distract your visitors from the true purpose of your website and may take too long too download which may entice visitors to click away from your site. Keep it simple, utilise YouTube as much as you can, embedding videos on your site will allow Google to rate you higher than websites which do not offer video content.

5. Create Enticing Content and Encourage Social Media Sharing

After you’ve ensured that your web design looks crisp and professional it is important that you make sure your web content is created to promote higher search engine rankings and large volumes of target visitors. Great features for websites now include little ‘sharing’ widgets that connect directly to your Facebook page and Twitter accounts to encourage engagement on a social and informal level.